Lay your weary head to rest


After 15 years, the show Supernatural has finally ended the way it told it has intended to end for nearly 15 years, upon the chords of the Kansas song that has preceded every series finale.
There was no mystery to how the story of Sam and Dean was intended to end, there never was. Supernatural has been telling us for well over 15 years exactly what the fate of the boys always has and always would be. To die at the hands of one of the random monsters which they hunt, and to finally get the well deserved rest they deserve. For Sammy to have a life, a family. 

Unchained from the burden of being the playthings of a capricious god, a fate to be decided by the life they lived. No longer protected by the literal plot of the show, no longer under the guidance of the countless lines of scripture and text that dictated how their story would end, the boys passed on as the thousands of other hunters before them. 

For all of you looking for the song at the end of the story, credit is due to who put the song together nearly 2 years ago to honor the series. 

It is sad to see the show finally pass on like it has probably needed to for a while, but I think in terms of endings, this really is actually one of the better ways they could have written it to end. It is a little disheartening that they could not get Misha Collins in one last time to deliver more then “I love you bye!” and I suspect that lies at the heart of a lot of the issues with it’s ending. 

It’s just one more unresolved plot thread in 15 seasons of unresolved plot threads, I can’t help but imagine that COVID played a big part in forcing a reduction in the size of the cast and crew, and only those who stay close to Vancouver or the boys were really able to get it on the back half of this season.

Where Swan song served as a pinnacle, it is I think fitting that this served as the last breath, and as a new dean echoed to a dying sam “It’s ok, you can go” 

Carry on my wayward sons. 

There’ll be peace when you are done 

Lay your weary head to rest

Don’t you cry no more. 

I can’t pretend I didn’t tear up a bit, and I am sad to see it go, but, as all things live so too must all things die, and not even the likes of two hunters chosen by god can escape the threads of fate. 


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