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You're not alone in feeling alone

  Over the last few months, this particular post has been brewing in my head more and more, the notion of being alone in a world of six billion individuals. It seems silly doesn't it? Well, I'm here to tell you that the answer to that is apparently, no not at all.  My sister is a therapist, I'm seeing a therapist and a psychotherapist, I dated a therapist for a little while. While none of them can discuss other patients for moral and ethical reasons, I haven't picked up on a trend from all of them. Every one is seeing the exact same pattern, people are alone and lonely. So no, worry not, it is not just you feeling isolated. In entirely separate and contextually isolated conversations each of them has mentioned in some form or fashion that patients are having a hard time maintaining friendships.  The answers as to why, on it's face, may seem obvious. The global pandemic these last few years has pressed us all to our breaking point. Even in places like my own home cit

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